A little about me...

My passion for beads and making jewelry started in 2002 after visiting a local glass blowing boutique back California.  I accompanied a friend to this store during our lunch to check out their backroom of beads. People were stringing beads on bead wire to make bracelets and all I wanted to do was join in. The beads were so colorful, all different sizes and shapes, and had interesting textures, so you can imagine that my first attempt to pick out beads for my bracelet, turned out to be over a foot long...I couldn't contain myself! I kept finding more and more and more, until I realized that editing was my new friend.

When I got home that day, I weeded through my own jewelry, pulling out everything I didn't really wear anymore, and started taking everything apart. Then I rearranged all of the beads and spacers and added some other components, and ended up creating 4 new bracelets that I still wear today! This is my humble reminder where the "bead-aholic" was born!

Because I already had a love of playing with buttons when visiting Grandma's house, as she kept a coffee can full of old buttons from clothes that going to the rag pile. Every time we came over, I'd run to her pantry to grab that can so I could dump everything out to starting playing with them, making different piles, organizing them by color and size, and having a ball. 

Incidentally, "Buttoned Up" is a new earring line I'll be starting, so stay tuned!] 

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I chose to find unique, higher quality materials, but without breaking the bank for my clients. Also, I don't duplicate any pieces so customers know they're buying what no one else can own. There are two reasons for doing this: (1) customers feel assured they are giving a gift that's unique as I don't buy in bulk. I may find one great bead or 20 beads in a particular style and (2) I guarantee my work so clients know they're getting/giving a quality product.            


Today, you're viewing my website that is always evolving. Through Social Media, word of mouth, and repeat customers, I appreciate everyone's interest in my products. While I continue to expand my SHOP of jewelry, hold instructional classes, and explore local craft fairs and boutiques, I do spend time each year designing a new bracelet for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Each bracelet is a Custom Order for the purposes of quantity, sizing, and gift-giving needs. Honor someone who has won the fight, honor someone who is currently fighting, or remember those who have lost the fight.  To show your support for this very worthy cause, you may purchase this year's design, by clicking on Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet tab above.  

Thank you for visiting my site.  I truly appreciate your interest in Charming Bead.