Custom Orders

Because jewelry is as unique as the individual who wears it, it becomes a direct extension of your personality by making a statement about who you are. So if you have an idea, but don’t see it in my SHOP, please contact me so we can discuss your idea.  I'd love to make your vision a reality!

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I can create jewelry and accessories that honor your mother, sister, grandmother, or aunt with a Mother's Bracelet.  This bracelet can be a themed bracelet or you might decide a custom-made company lanyard is more appropriate to represent your organization or team! What's your favorite holiday? Maybe you'd like to have a bracelet especially designed for your favorite holiday!

All of these bracelets or lanyards are Custom Orders.  

  • Mother's Bracelets:  These bracelets are made to specifically reference one or more from the family tree, by using matching Swarovski crystals to correspond to the birthstone of their children and/or grandchildren.  What about baby booties?!?
  • School-Themed Bracelets:  Perhaps you'd like to honor your sorority or design a memory bracelet to remember your good times in college.  Here you can add charms with your Greek letters, year of graduation, sport or academic that you lettered in, or even a favorite hobby.
  • Sports-Themed Bracelets:  These bracelets are made to show your support of your school team by depicting the school colors.  You can add a charm for the mascot (bears, eagles, dolphins, cowboys) or type of sport (basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer).                                                                                                                        
  • Work Lanyards:  Have you always wanted an alternative to clipping your work badge onto your silk blouse? How about a nice beaded lanyard to wear around your neck?  They come with a plastic name badge holder to keep your name clear and clean.
  • Holiday Bracelets or Lanyards:  Maybe you like wearing unique jewelry to support your favorite holiday. A bracelet, necklace or lanyard can be a way of wearing beads to match to holiday colors or add different charms to dangle from the closure or to be added throughout a piece.


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